• Thomas Long Avatar

    April was very helpful and went the extra mile to assist me. I am very pleased.

    Thomas Long 8/26/2021
    Edward Leader Avatar

    Terrri L was Awe some❗️

    Edward Leader 6/11/2021
    David Keener Avatar

    Terri L. did a fantastic job to resolve my billing issue and was very patient with my questions. Very short hold time to speak with Terri.

    David Keener 5/21/2021
    Stephen Wilder Avatar

    Angie was most pleasant and helpful.

    Stephen Wilder 5/19/2021
    Jay Roberson Avatar

    I had questions about my billing. They were answered and everything was understood. She very polite very helpful I was glad she was able to help me

    Jay Roberson 5/12/2021
    home Avatar

    Angel F. is amazing, she went above and beyond for us with a nightmare billing experience. Not only did she streamline the process, she was the contact person and made the nightmare go away. Initially, I was not too full of hope as our nightmare with North Florida Foot & Ankle had been ongoing for over 3 months. We were told repeatedly by the office manager that everything was taken care of and not to worry. The dorctor's office not only charged us for a night splint that we did not get but then put us into collection for this same night splint. When we called to tell them that this was an error, they said that they would fix it. Little did we know, that not only it was not taken care of by the doctor's office but also that they were not communicating with their billing company, whom Angel works for. So then we were put into collection for a night splint that we did not get. After months of dealing with the office and not getting anywhere, luck would have it we got in touch with Angel, explained everything and she said she would take care of it and call us back early next week. Having already had the experience we had with the doctor's office, we had little hope. However, the very next day she called to tell us that everything was taken care of, not only did she contact the office, she also fixed the problem with the collection company so now our credit can go back to what it was before all of this. Angel hit the ball out of the park, wish there were more people in this world like her...people who will do what they say and people who actually care about what they do and how it affects others.

    home 4/16/2021
  • Jim Perrotta Avatar

    Beth was really on the mark and contacted me as soon as the posting of my account was done~ thanks so very much Beth.

    Jim Perrotta 4/15/2021
    Gail Henley Avatar

    My experience today with Ms. Beth Smith's assistance was very satisfactory. Ms. smith was extremely patient and resourceful. Everything was handled expeditiously.

    Gail Henley 4/14/2021
    meg lane Avatar

    I have been a Multi Medical partner for 15 years. They are extremely organized, efficient, and client focused. They are always one of the first billing companies I think of when physicians ask me for recommendations.

    meg lane 4/09/2021
    Alyx Barrs Avatar

    April was a pleasure to speak to. They were patient, kind, and helped me pay my account balance.

    Alyx Barrs 4/09/2021

    The customer service is very friendly and helpful and I love that I never have to wait on hold when I call them. I am always able to get an accurate explanation of what has been billed, or what is waiting to be paid by the insurance company. I really love working with them. Kudos to Terri for her help today with a statement for tax purposes. She is awesome and very customer oriented - plus she really knows how to build a report for just what you need. She's a real pro!

    MARTIN CAUDLE 4/09/2021
    Jeff Schoen Avatar

    Over the last 7 years, since the inception of Clay County Podiatry, Multi-Medical Specialties has been there by our side helping our practice to survive and thrive. They're constant support and vigilance has keep us on the straight and narrow. They're ongoing availability 24/7, nights and weekends for the smallest of issues was more than helpful, it was more importantly at times reassuring. And believe me as a early riser I tested that commitment more then once. Now that Debbie, our staff and I are moving into the next phase of our career with CCPA, that being part of a larger practice one of our biggest regrets will be not talking with our friends at MMS.I wish you all continued success and happinessWith sincerity and gratitude,J.A. Schoen D.P.M.

    Jeff Schoen 4/09/2021
  • Get Well Healthcare Services Avatar

    Very responsive and easy to reach via phone or email for any concerns. Their entire team helped make our transition to their company seamless. This was not an easy transition but they made us feel very comfortable and like we were a priority.

    Get Well Healthcare Services 4/09/2021
    Debbie Wright Avatar

    The entire team at Multi-Medical is very knowledgeable and helpful. They pay attention to detail and respond quickly to inquires or issues. Working with them is a pleasure. Their dedication and work ethic are much appreciated.

    Debbie Wright 4/09/2021
    K T Avatar

    We have a busy private practice in Oklahoma. We’ve previously worked with other billing companies who lacked communication or transparency. Switching to Multi-Medical was the best decision. They have changed processes and workflows to fit our needs. With their help, we have increased cash flow by working diligently on claims and asking questions when needed. Excellent service. The entire crew cares about your company and wants you to succeed.

    K T 4/09/2021
    Drhs 9 Avatar

    LOVE their billing services. Excellent staff. Terri and Don provide an excellent service for medical billing.

    Drhs 9 4/02/2021
    James Hardy, MD Avatar

    Excellent billing company. They have handled my medical billing for over 9 years and have always done a superb job.

    James Hardy, MD 4/02/2021
    Dorothy Duval Avatar

    The agent Angel Fulford was so pleasant and helpful. I was so very pleased with her service. I think she deserves a big raise. Nowadays customer service usually isn't so great. I feel blessed as having her to be there for me.

    Dorothy Duval 4/02/2021
  • JR Tamayo Avatar

    My experience with Multimedical has been excellent. Not only did they do a very efficient job at collection, but they were also very accommodating and accessible when it came to my requests for updates and reports.

    JR Tamayo 4/16/2018
    john Drewniany Avatar

    When my practice manager retired 2 years ago, we outsourced our billing with Multi-Medical. Terri and her staff are superb and easy and pleasant to work with. They are more efficient than my in house service and I wish I had known about their services years ago. I highly recommend.

    john Drewniany 4/16/2018
    Mark Hofmann Avatar

    Out of 6 different billing companies I have used in 26 years of practice, Multi-Medical Specialties Billing was the very best in collections, dedicated service, and knowledge in medical billing. I wish I knew about them earlier in my career.

    Mark Hofmann 4/16/2018