We are a full-service medical billing company designed to meet your needs. Our primary focus is medical billing and superior customer service for the provider, their staff and their patients. Our office location is in Jacksonville, Florida; however, we handle practices locally and in six different states.


You receive a TEAM of qualified billers to handle the medical billing for your specific practice! Not just “one” billing person.

  • A data entry person that knows what is required to submit a clean claim
  • A payment person that reviews the EOB’s and can identify denial trends
  • A dedicated Account Rep will work your denials every morning for your specific practice
  • Plus an AR team will be calling on all the outstanding insurance claims on your Aged AR every 30 to 45 days depending on the payor
  • We have two members of management that generate, review, and provide the monthly reports
  • Plus, the owners track the weekly productivity of each practice by charges, payments, and outstanding AR to analyze and prevent any cash flow issues in the event charges are not submitted within a timely fashion

Full-Service Medical Billing includes the following:

  • Credentialing Services – Applications & Re-credentialing
  • Demographic Entry
  • Charges Entry
  • Claim Submission both electronically and paper if required
  • Payment Posting including enrollment in electronic remittance
  • Denials worked daily
  • Correspondence requests completed daily
  • Insurance follow-up on claims worked 30 – 45 days
  • Appeal on claims not paid correctly or according to your contract, submitted reviewed and worked 30 – 45 days
  • Patients statements submitted via text, email and mailed
  • Patient phone calls and collections - Statements are generated with the billing companies local or toll free phone number so that Multi-Medical handles the incoming patient phone calls regarding their outstanding invoice
  • Monthly reports are generated and submitted to providers and CPA’s by the 5th day of the following month. They include Key Indicators of the practice with Charges, Payments, Adjustments and AR; Historical Review, Payer Mix Summary, Charge Detail, Payment Detail, AR Aging by Payer, Patient AR Aging and Collection Summary
  • Connectivity to many Electronic Medical Record systems
  • Credentialing Services – Applications & Re-credentialing
  • Demographic Entry
  • Charge Entry

Communication is Key

At Multi-Medical we communicate directly with your staff and patients to resolve their billing questions. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your practice and always treat your patients and staff with the utmost respect. Following up on denied or unpaid claims is the most time-consuming aspect for medical providers. Multi-Medical removes that burden, meaning your overhead shrinks while your revenue grows!

Claim Submission

Charges are keyed in a timely manner, normally within 24-48 hours of receipt. Kareo, our billing software provides a built-in claim scrubbing feature that reviews diagnosis and CPT codes to make sure they are compatible, therefore assisting with clean claim submission. Insurance claims are submitted daily both electronically and paper if necessary. In the event a rejection is received, Availity and other web portals are used to review and update information. Routine audits are performed to ensure keying accuracy. Denials and claim rejections are worked every day. There is an open line of communication between the physician office staff and the data entry team. We are truly an extension of the practice and our goal is to make sure the patient account is accurate, and the revenue is consistent.

Charge Accuracy

All charges are entered according to the location in which services were rendered. Charges received may be missing pertinent information or certain discrepancies that must be clarified before the claim can be submitted. Examples: The date of service, the provider who rendered the service, miscoded or undercoded CPT’s or a procedure / diagnosis incompatibility.

Multi-Medical takes the time required to confirm this information is accurately submitted by contacting the provider, facility, or even the patient. We strive to handle these charges without having to bother the provider and will only do so if all other efforts have been exhausted. Please Note: The CPT code will never be altered without the express consent of the provider.

A/R Management

It's no secret that payers continue to impose increasingly complex rules and claim edits with the single goal of limiting payment. This frequently means the practices remain unpaid on the valuable services provided to their patients. Our motto at Multi-Medical is "We don't get paid unless you do."

Typically 37% of initial medical billing claims are denied and those of 50% are never followed up on. Practices often experience AR problems as a result of employee turnover, lack of resources to follow up on denied and unpaid claims, transition to a new EMR, or simple poor billing performance.

We have developed a precise method over the years to assure that your AR is worked thoroughly every 30 – 45 days. Because our dedicated Accounts Representatives work your entire AR every month, they are adept at recognizing any downward trends in your AR and work closely with your practice to correct them. From electronic claims rejections to denials to no response claims, our team makes sure that your claims are processed and paid correctly. Our account representatives are also experts at handling though tough claims payers like PIP, Works Compensation and the Veteran's Administration. These payers have very strict filling guidelines and requirements. We will make sure that the necessary guidelines are followed and ensure that your claims are timely and accurate.

Collection Accounts

We continue to work all accounts until they are paid or denied by insurance – however long it takes. If an insurance does not pay according to the contract an adjustment is not taken; however, an appeal is submitted to the insurance for additional payment. After insurance pays or denies a claim the patient is sent a statement and a collection letter. Patients are provided with a text message with the outstanding balance information and given the opportunity to either pay their balance or even be connected to an Account Rep to assist the patient with understanding their statement and collecting the balance that is due. Based on the criteria the provider has approved, the account is noted in our system and then forwarded to Choice Recovery, our designated outside collection agency. If a provider has an ongoing collection agency in place, we can also submit accounts to that agency. Providers have total control over accounts being adjusted off as a bad debt or forwarded to an outside collection agency.

Our Software Program – Kareo Practice Management

Kareo Premium_Partner_Badge-MEDIUM

In 2011, we transitioned to a new and highly advanced software program that provides the following:


Advanced Technology

• A scheduling program that providers can use for themselves and also for patients
• Patient insurance eligibility check with hundreds of insurance companies
• Our program connects to several electronic medical records systems
• Online dashboards showing charges, payments, adjustments, AR, & days in AR
• Contracts can be loaded so charges go out at the contracted rates


Greater Convenience

• Daily emailed provider reports
• Reports can be run by providers, saved in PDF or Excel format
• 24 hour patient payment portal where patients can make payments online
• All claims go through a clearinghouse with less than 24 hour turn around on denials with front end & back end edits – Therefore decreasing your days in AR
Increased Productivity
• Payments are posted electronically via ERA’s and most payments come EFT
• Denials are also received electronically and worked the same or following day
• Claims are electronically scrubbed to reduce the delay in claims processing