45+ Years Doing Medical Billing in Jacksonville, Florida for Physicians and Medical Providers

Success = Multi-Medical Specialties Billing + Clients + Revenue

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“We’ve previously worked with other billing companies who lacked communication or transparency. Switching to Multi-Medical was the best decision. They have changed processes and workflows to fit our needs. With their help, we have increased cash flow by working diligently on claims and asking questions when needed. Excellent service. The entire crew cares about your company and wants you to succeed.”

Avenstar Pain Management


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Multi-Medical has been servicing physicians and medical providers doing extensive billing in Jacksonville Florida for over 45+ years, however, with today's technology we are able to handle accounts all over the US.  Currently servicing practices in 6 different states.

Management Team

Our management team works together on all aspects of your practice to ensure that we are doing everything we can to bring in as much revenue for your practice as possible.

Credentialing & Provider Enrollment Services

In addition to our Medical Billing Service, we work with Carey Credentialing to assist with Provider Enrollment Services.

Medical Billing

  • Full Revenue Cycle Management
  • Starting from Credentialing
  • Follow through with Contracting
  • Data entry and Claims Submission
  • Daily Denials worked
  • Payments Posted
  • Statements sent via text, email and mailed
  • Pre-Collection Review
  • Collection Agency referral
  • Custom Reports Provided