Medical Billing can cause extreme PAIN for medical providers if you are not seeing the income necessary to run your practice....
Let's face it, you didn't go to medical school to do medical billing!
If you are not collecting the revenue necessary to grow your business, you need a trusted, experienced medical billing company!
Let Multi-Medical be your PAIN RELIEVER!


To receive the highest level of reimbursement, a consistent cash flow, trained billing personal, a company you can trust with regulatory compliance and testimonials to support excellent customer service. Outsourcing to Multi-Medical Specialties Billing is the only logical choice for physicians and medical providers.


Are you burdened by staff and having someone there everyday to do the billing for you? Are you hiring people you don’t even know and giving them access to your financials? Are you having employee turnover from resignations, absenteeism?

Multi-Medical takes that pain away.

You don’t have to employ billing personal because we will handle that job for you. Most of our staff have worked together for over 10, 20 and even 30 years! You will be provided a team of employees dedicated to your account that are already trained and know how to collect money from the insurance companies and patients.


Are you dealing with billing personal that don’t have the experience and knowledge to do the job? Are they new to billing and need to be trained at your expense? This generally accounts for a loss in revenue and extended days in A/R.

Multi-Medical takes that pain away.

We only hire employees with experience in medical billing and they go through extensive training so they know how to treat patients, collect money and work with your staff.


Are you burdened by the amount of revenue your practice is not collecting? Do you have checks and balances in place to make sure you are not losing money?

Multi-Medical takes that pain away.

We have a proven system that works to make sure all denials are corrected, phone calls are make to insurance companies, follow-up is completed and accounts are paid.