Steve Randall, M.D.

Avenstar Pain Management

"Using Multi-Medical Billing Specialties has made me the happiest I have ever been with billing and the most consistent cash flow since I began practicing."

R. Farinas, M.D.

R. Farinas, M.D.

"Multi-Medical Billing Specialties saved my fledgling solo practice from going under five months, after being open five months with no money coming in from the insurance companies...

Cathy Scherr, Practice Administrator, Anesthesia Associates of Clay County

Large Anesthesia Group

"Multi-Medical Specialties Billing, Inc. has been our billing agency for 15 years...

Meagen Lane, Vice President of Sales, First Federal Credit Collections-Columbus, Inc.

Collection Agency

"I work closely with many billing companies in the North Florida area and Multi-Medical Specialties is clearly one of the most efficient and productive companies that I have partnered with. They provide an incredible service to their clients and I would highly recommend them to any medical practice looking to increase revenue."

Ramey Becker, Account Manager, Kareo

Billing Software Company

"Terri is exceptionally experienced and very detail oriented. She is always pleasant even when things aren't going the way she planned. She always focuses on the bigger picture without forgetting how important the little details are. Terri knows medical billing and collections inside out and her quest for efficiency is often unparalleled in the industry. I recommend Terri for any endeavor she pursues because I know she will bring her enthusiasm and intelligence with her.

Jennifer Smith, Owner, Beaches Billing Services

Other Local Billing Company

"Terri is the utmost professional. Amazing knowledge base on medical billing and how to receive reimbursement from insurance companies. She is always a pleasure to speak with and will add a lot of value to your company when you work with her."

Richard G. Wallis MD, Department of Anesthesia St. Vincents Med. Ctr, Riverside

Provider Account

"I have been an Anesthesiologist at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Jacksonville Florida for the past 31 years and and have had the Good Fortune to be directed to the Company which has evolved from a strictly Anesthesia Billing Service to Multi-Medical Specialties Billing Assoc., Inc.

Kurt Shonka, MA, LMHC, President, The Counseling Group, P.A.

Provider Account

"The two words which best describe Multi-Medical billing services is “THEY DELIVER”  I have been in practice for over thirty  years and like everyone have struggled with in house, out of house billing for many of those years...

Casey Webb E.A., Webbs Accounting


"As the Business Manager for a mutual client, I have been working with Multi Medical Specialties Billing for the past 19 years...

Donna Matthews, Practice Manager, Laurence Matthews, M.D.,LLC

Provider Account

"I highly recommend  the services of Multi-Medical Specialties Billing. After the large group that we were part of dissolved we were left without a billing program, or employees with much billing experience in our office, as it had been done off-site...

Karrin H. Clark, Data Manager, River Regions Human Services

Provider Account

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the attention you give our accounts at your firm.  The filing of Medicaid claims along with the expeditious follow-up has created a consistent cash flow during these stressful times of budgetary cuts...

Richard D. Brock, LBA Certified Public Accountants, PA, Jacksonville, FL

Accountant / CPA

"I have worked with Terri Newton and her team at Multi-medical Specialties Billing, Inc. for 30 years. I have always found them to be very competent, top-notch, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I have total confidence when I refer a client to them for their billing and collection related services. I have not in the past and will not in the future hesitate in making referrals to them as I know my clients’ affairs will be well taken care of!"

J.B. Noble Rural Health Clinic

Primary Care

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate all you and your team did for me and my sweet hubby over the past couple of years.  You have a marvelous team!!  I am so thankful I got to know you all.  My only wish was that I had found out about you and your team years ago.  I wish you and your team nothing but the best!!  You all do a fantastic job!!!  If I ever get the chance to recommend you and your team to anyone for medical billing, I certainly will.  I cannot think of a team more dedicated or more willing to get the job done, and more importantly, get the job done correctly the first time!!!  

God bless each of you and keep you safe in the future.  I will miss working with all of you.

Edward McGough, M.D., President, Anesthesia Consultants PA

Large Anesthesia Group

"For 15 of the 19 years that our anesthesia group has used Terri Newton and Multi Medical to do our billing, I have served as either the treasurer or president of the group. I have had the primary responsibility for dealing with all aspects of our billing. I have found Terri honest and very hard working. Any request from me or our group, no matter how difficult to handle, has always resulted in cheerful completion. When a need for rapid resolution of a problem has occurred, Terri and her staff have put in whatever hours are needed to get the job done on time. I have always tried to be on top of changes to government rules and changes in billing rules, but when I call Terri I usually find she is already on top of any change...

Anibal A. Sanchez-Salazar, M.D.


"I cannot retire from anesthesiology without letting you know how much I appreciate our association.

Multi Medical Specialities Billing has, by far, been superior to any billing and collecting firm I have used in my many years of practice.

Since September 1996, I have had the experience that all is involved in the billing and collecting of my accounts were handled capably and successfully by you and your friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. I wish you many more years of success and happy clients"