Multi-Medical works with many different partners to provide resources and connectivity to be efficient for our clients. Our focus is bringing in as much revenue for the client as possible. Large software companies often times pressure providers to bundle both the charting and billing into one program. Although that may sound effective, most of the time, providers find that their charting program maybe superior but their billing component does not deliver the expected return on their investment. We have been using Kareo Practice Management since 2011 and found this billing program to be extremely user friendly for providers and their staff if they want to view accounts, generate reports and even provide a zero balance statement to a patient.  Training is fast for practices that tend to have high employee turn over.  

Trust the people who know billing, like Multi-Medical with over 45+ years of experience. Our testimonials say it all.


Multi-Medical has had great success by taking advantage of current technologies.  Our partnership with Patiently Speaking has allowed us to automate our patient collection process by using text messaging for past-due balance reminders during the pre-collection process.  They provide a variety of custom services that are constantly updated using the most current technology and most efficient processes that continue to exceed our expectations.


Multi-Medical has been working with Choice Recovery as our outside collection agency for the last 7 years.  They actually work with the patients to help them financially and therefore the collections are increased because of that.  We have been very pleased to partner with Choice Recovery and thankful for their support. Choice Recovery believes - by taking a people-first approach to collections we discovered a way to get better results for our clients while helping those in debt. We recover what others can’t because we help people with the root cause of financial stress, which is why we help those sent to collections find new jobs so they can pay their bills—and we collect far more than our competitors because of it.

MRS Statements

MRS Mail Express is proud of our growing partnership with Multi-Medical Specialties Billing, Inc.  We have worked together to design and implement a custom, cost-effective Statement Printing and Mailing Service that helps drive the increased revenues that Multi-Medical brings to all its Healthcare clients.


Multi-Medical Specialties Billing has been partnering with First Healthcare Compliance for many years therefore demonstrating our strong commitment to healthcare compliance.

Here is a list of some of the EHR’s (Electronic Medical Record) programs that we access and are familiar with: (Please call us if your technology is not listed here and we'll research it further!)

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